The Best Pokies with Bonus Games

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Bonus games are an important part of the slot machine features that makes the gameplay more dynamic and exciting. Almost all leading online casinos provide access to free slot games with bonus features for fun that can be played even without signup. Of course, it is much more interesting to play for real money, and you can increase your bankroll quite well through bonus games.

Based on the gamblers’ estimates and statistics on online gaming platforms, we can identify some of the most popular slot machines with bonus games.

Book Of Ra

This is a mega-popular slot with great bonus features. The game is dedicated to Indiana Jones, a famous adventurer, and his quest to find the mysterious Book. The main screen features events unfolding in the colorful design of oases, pyramids, and ancient pharaohs. The bonus game starts after several Magic Book symbols appear on the reels. Then, the free spins mode is launched, and here you can win a decent prize.

Crazy Monkey

Another striking example of slot machines with bonus games has been well-known all over the world for more than one year now. The funny monkey is fond of bananas, and tokens bring a sound jackpot. The bonus game is featured in a very interesting way:

  • the bonus mode is launched when three special tokens appear;
  • the screen features several ropes, and a player is suggested to pull them;
  • the player has three attempts;
  • if the pick is successful, a bunch of bananas falls from above and brings a nice amount of credits;
  • but there is a danger to pick a rope that will drop a brick — then the bonus game will end.

Golden Mine

One of the most popular slots with bonus games that enables gamblers to enjoy the game and get a good win. There is the option to double the money won in the spin — a classic risk game where the player has to pick a card with a higher value than the dealer’s card. The bonus game features a progressive jackpot, which may bring a sound profit if the player is lucky.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

The Lucky Lady is capable of giving gamblers vivid emotions, as well as a nice cash prize. A colorful sample of slot machines with bonus games fascinates from the very first minute. The symbols on the reels — rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, and others — hint that the luck may be very close. The slot provides an opportunity to double the winnings in the risk game, and free spins are offered in a special mode. The main prize will be available to those who manage to open the full-screen portrait of Lucky Lady in the bonus game.


A colorful slot machine with a bonus game that is featured in a rather uncommon way. It looks like a quite simple five-reel slot. However, the main character of the game, a little frog, can gradually overcome these reels bringing the gambler closer to the super game. When the frog reaches the fifth row, a new screen will open where the gambler needs to cross the swamp leaping through 25 leaves. The main challenge is that a horrible crocodile, an enemy, can be hiding under any leaf -. If the player manages to avoid getting caught by it and reach another side, then the super prize is his.

These are just a few examples of lots and lots of slot machines with bonus games that can be found in online casinos these days. If you are still not ready to risk real money, free slot games with bonus features for fun are the perfect option to enjoy your time. Furthermore, the free mode enables you to explore the capabilities and features of slot machines better and find the one that you like the most.

Many Thanks to Yana from Team for consulting.