Recommendations for playing pokies

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playing pokies well

Many people want to win at the casino, in practice, few get their coveted winnings. Roulette and pokies are popular with those who want to win.

To beat the gaming machine, you just need to use some rules in the game that will allow you to win.

The game recommendations will allow you to significantly increase your finances. There are some important points to note:

  • Do not rely on techniques that supposedly help you win. They can often be found on different sites or simply bought. Remember: there is no system by which you will receive 100% of the winnings.
  • Before placing a bet on any machine, carefully read the rules, even if you already play well and understand it. For example, many are well known pokies Play’n Go. But it does not hurt to play Book of Dead to remember all the features and gameplay. 
  • There are machines with different types of pokies. There are five and three reels. The latter are much easier to play, so they are suitable for those who are just starting to play.
  • The size of the bet depends on the possible winning. The higher the winnings, the higher the bet. According to statistics, with a large number of bets, the probability of their loss is higher. Better to bet a larger amount on one spin than many small bets.
  • The best number of reels is three, there are no sevens or other symbols in them. Great for beginners.
  • You must always be mentally prepared for a loss, you should not recoup. It is important to choose a specific amount that you can spend on bets and not flirt.
  • To attract, very often administrators increase the percentage of winning on a certain machine. But it is very difficult to find out this information.
  • When a punter wins a large amount of money, he does not stop at what he won, but continues to play. The main thing is to stop on time, maybe even give yourself a break for a couple of weeks.
  • It is worth playing at certain intervals. For example, if you have a lot of constant losses, it is better to stop.
  • You can try different variants of pokies. It is important to constantly look for the best gaminator that has a large winning percentage and return. 
  • There are pokies in which the percentage of winnings can go up to 98%. They can also offer a good jackpot. The nuance is that they are not so easy to somehow recognize. But on popular sites with reviews of slot machines, such as, slot machines with jackpots usually have appropriate designations.
  • A gradual increase in the rate can bring good winnings. For example, the average winning is 300x bets (1 bet= 1 $). Then, if you lose, 1 bet= 2 $. The punter expects to receive 600 winning bets. The principle is to double the bet (done before the winning line appears). And when a punter doubles his bets, he loses the funds to increase its value.
  • If there is a large enough amount of money, the punter can try to play for the jackpot. Sometimes a vending machine can have a large percentage of return, which exceeds 100%. This is a very advantageous situation when calculating the condition when the jackpot exceeds the value of several thousand. But it is important to remember to risk large sums only in the best australian casino (read more about this here —, , which have an excellent reputation and guarantee fair payouts. 
  • In some cases, you can take a risk, it will then play into your hands. After all, you can win in a spin and hit the jackpot if you bet a significant amount.

These simple rules will definitely help you in the game, especially if you use the entire system of rules above.