How to play online casino roulette?

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rouletteA lot of beginners want to enjoy playing something simple and they want to know how to play roulette in a casino. Roulette is a simple game where you use a rotating disk with pockets and a ball to guess where it will fall. Known as one of the classics in gambling, it is the perfect play for first-time casino visitors to choose from.

Although the basic rules are simple, there is a wide variety of betting places and betting methods, so it has the characteristic that you can enjoy it in a completely different way depending on the method of plays.

Typical tools in use

  • Wheel: A turntable with numbers written on it. There are two main types of numbers.
  • Ball: the croupier throws it into the wheel.
  • Tip: Use two types of tips: the main color tip and the check with the denomination written on it.
  • Marker: A marker that indicates the number that was hit. Various designs depend on the casino.
  • Layout: The place to put the chip is written. Various playable lines allow gamblers to put chips on fields with various payout rates.

Roulette rules

To learn how to play roulette at a casino you just need to know the rules. Roulette is gambling that hits the «falling point of a ball thrown into a rotating disk», and is also known as the «queen of casinos «because it is the main game that symbolizes gambling.

It is very simple as a croupier jusy throws a ball into the wheel divided into 37 or 38 and the player bet on them.

The Game Process in Steps

  • Bet stakes;
  • Croupier throws balls;
  • Players watch over where it falls;
  • The ball enters the number;
  • The outcome of the game and payouts.

Roulette type

The disk has evenly divided pockets marked with numbers. The pockets are colored red or black and 0 is green.

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