Free haircuts to prevent gambling addiction

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online casino AustraliaThe British organization GambleAware, which is trying to minimize the negative effects of gambling, has launched a new program as part of Bet Regret. Starting May 12, their mobile barbershop will be touring the country and giving haircuts to everyone who wants one. Professional barbers on staff are also trained to discuss the topic of gambling addiction. The haircuts are free.  The mobile barbershops will be driving around to places where sports fans congregate and will also stop on university campuses. 

The Gambling Commission regulator estimates that 1.2 million students in the country are into gambling, so the choice of stops isn’t just a fluke. On this topic A woman stole her friend’s credit card and spent the money on gambling According to barbers, customers often tend to touch on issues that they wouldn’t normally discuss. So they are comfortable having these conversations in which they discuss gambling behavior and the negative consequences of impulse gambling. The goal of this action is not to discourage gambling, but to encourage people to play more carefully. The target audience is young people, 92% of whom statistically go to the barbershop once a month. The first stop was the city of Manchester, where the mobile station was deployed before the Premier League match, Manchester City vs. Brighton.