Ark Of Mystery pokie machine review

bonus casinoYou can play Ark Of Mystery pokie machine from Quickspin in demo mode, completely free of charge. The Ark Of Mystery pokie has a return rate of 96.53%, 5 spinning reels, 20 paylines. There is no bonus game, no free spins, there is a Wild symbol, no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. You can play the Ark Of Mystery pokie machine in automatic mode, there is a «Fast spin» mode. Ark Of Mystery is a new pokie machine with an exciting adventure theme from Quickspin. Immerse yourself in the world of exciting adventures, it is this slogan that fully reflects the essence and theme of the new Ark Of Mystery pokie from Quickspin. 

Technically, this is a 5 reel 20 line pokie with two amazing bonus features. The main function is re-spins with sticky wild symbols, during which you can activate the accumulated multipunter and significantly increase the winning combination. You can play it in the best online casinos.

Play Ark Of Mystery pokie machine for free 

The design of the ark of mystery game is made in the ancient Egyptian style. The reels of the pokie are on the background of the lost pyramid. On the reels, you will see a number of standard playing card symbols in the form of playing cards. More significant images are the scepter of the phoenix, the scarab, the eye of ra, and the archaeologist girl who hunts for ancient treasures. The golden chest, which resembles the ark of the covenant, has a wild function, it can complement any winning combination. 

Ark Of mystery pokie feature bonus

The feature of repeated spins (wild re-spin) starts when a golden chest appears on the second, third or fourth game reel. When you start the function, the wild symbols on the reel remain in their place, and you get 2 free spins, and the wild symbols will expand along the game reel, so on the second spin you will play with a full wild field. An additional multiplier is activated when a pyramid with a golden top appears on the 5th game reel, each pyramid brings a multiplication of 1x, so you can activate up to 4x in one spin. Please note that both functions can work together, which means that you can get up to 6 re-spins with nine wild symbols in the central part of the game screen, and an additional 36x multiplier from the winning combination, which, if the symbols are paid for high, can bring enormous winnings. 

We also recommend checking out King Billy (login), where there are other games of the brand in the lobby.

Free haircuts to prevent gambling addiction

online casino AustraliaThe British organization GambleAware, which is trying to minimize the negative effects of gambling, has launched a new program as part of Bet Regret. Starting May 12, their mobile barbershop will be touring the country and giving haircuts to everyone who wants one. Professional barbers on staff are also trained to discuss the topic of gambling addiction. The haircuts are free.  The mobile barbershops will be driving around to places where sports fans congregate and will also stop on university campuses. 

The Gambling Commission regulator estimates that 1.2 million students in the country are into gambling, so the choice of stops isn’t just a fluke. On this topic A woman stole her friend’s credit card and spent the money on gambling According to barbers, customers often tend to touch on issues that they wouldn’t normally discuss. So they are comfortable having these conversations in which they discuss gambling behavior and the negative consequences of impulse gambling. The goal of this action is not to discourage gambling, but to encourage people to play more carefully. The target audience is young people, 92% of whom statistically go to the barbershop once a month. The first stop was the city of Manchester, where the mobile station was deployed before the Premier League match, Manchester City vs. Brighton.

How to win at the casino? Tips for Beginner Gamers

Beginner GamersLovers of gambling simply cannot ignore the casino. And they all want not only to have a good time, but also not to lose. Experienced punters have already worked out their strategy for the game. But for beginners, you need to learn all the intricacies of playing in a casino in order to increase the chance of winning. You can of course use Riobet bonus code ( and play without investing in one of the best casinos, but absolute beginners, we still recommend to start with the theory, not practice. 

Tips for a successful casino game

The casino is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible not to lose in it. But there are a few rules that will help beginners succeed in the establishment.

  • Ability to stop is one of the basic rules. If the punter is lucky, and he hit the jackpot, it is better to take the earned money and come next time.
  • When playing pokies in casino minimum deposit Australia or other, a feeling of greed always overcomes, you want to win as much as possible. But in most cases, this leads to defeat.
  • It is very important to learn to listen to your inner voice and not neglect its prompts.

There are winning strategies that will help you not to lose all the money during the game.

How to choose the size of the bet

Before going to the casino, you need to prepare an amount of money that you do not mind parting with. Then, if you win, it will bring you double joy, on the contrary, it will not be so offensive.

When playing pokies, you do not need to make large bets. For example, when playing roulette, it is better to place one minimum bet than a long line of them. The gain will be small, but better than defeat. If a failure occurs, the amount of loss will not be critical.

When to say “stop”

It is very important for the punter to finish the game on time and say goodbye to the house. The thirst for big money destroys especially the novice gamer. Having won once, he raises the rate after the rate and cannot stop, the excitement simply drags him into the gaming networks. As a result, the newbie is left with nothing. You can read about similar problems here —

To prevent this from happening, after winning it is better to take the money and leave. If you really want to take a risk, then it is better to lower the rate so that in case of failure you will lose less. And in no case should you succumb to the persuasion of other punters to stay in the game.

A very important point in the game is the losing streak. If this happens, the punter loses his composure and the result does not improve from this. Therefore, this is also one of the reasons to end the game.

First — a demo game

A punter can only determine the degree of his passion by playing. In this case, the best option would be casinos with free pokies. Here you can gain experience and enjoy the game without losing money. And only then start playing for real, hoping that fortune will not leave room for failure.

There is a proverb: “They don’t go to the casino for money”. Therefore, you need to play for fun. Ultimately, the beginner will gain experience that will help him not to be left without finances in the future.

Recommendations for playing pokies

playing pokies well

Many people want to win at the casino, in practice, few get their coveted winnings. Roulette and pokies are popular with those who want to win.

To beat the gaming machine, you just need to use some rules in the game that will allow you to win.

The game recommendations will allow you to significantly increase your finances. There are some important points to note:

  • Do not rely on techniques that supposedly help you win. They can often be found on different sites or simply bought. Remember: there is no system by which you will receive 100% of the winnings.
  • Before placing a bet on any machine, carefully read the rules, even if you already play well and understand it. For example, many are well known pokies Play’n Go. But it does not hurt to play Book of Dead to remember all the features and gameplay. 
  • There are machines with different types of pokies. There are five and three reels. The latter are much easier to play, so they are suitable for those who are just starting to play.
  • The size of the bet depends on the possible winning. The higher the winnings, the higher the bet. According to statistics, with a large number of bets, the probability of their loss is higher. Better to bet a larger amount on one spin than many small bets.
  • The best number of reels is three, there are no sevens or other symbols in them. Great for beginners.
  • You must always be mentally prepared for a loss, you should not recoup. It is important to choose a specific amount that you can spend on bets and not flirt.
  • To attract, very often administrators increase the percentage of winning on a certain machine. But it is very difficult to find out this information.
  • When a punter wins a large amount of money, he does not stop at what he won, but continues to play. The main thing is to stop on time, maybe even give yourself a break for a couple of weeks.
  • It is worth playing at certain intervals. For example, if you have a lot of constant losses, it is better to stop.
  • You can try different variants of pokies. It is important to constantly look for the best gaminator that has a large winning percentage and return. 
  • There are pokies in which the percentage of winnings can go up to 98%. They can also offer a good jackpot. The nuance is that they are not so easy to somehow recognize. But on popular sites with reviews of slot machines, such as, slot machines with jackpots usually have appropriate designations.
  • A gradual increase in the rate can bring good winnings. For example, the average winning is 300x bets (1 bet= 1 $). Then, if you lose, 1 bet= 2 $. The punter expects to receive 600 winning bets. The principle is to double the bet (done before the winning line appears). And when a punter doubles his bets, he loses the funds to increase its value.
  • If there is a large enough amount of money, the punter can try to play for the jackpot. Sometimes a vending machine can have a large percentage of return, which exceeds 100%. This is a very advantageous situation when calculating the condition when the jackpot exceeds the value of several thousand. But it is important to remember to risk large sums only in the best australian casino (read more about this here —, , which have an excellent reputation and guarantee fair payouts. 
  • In some cases, you can take a risk, it will then play into your hands. After all, you can win in a spin and hit the jackpot if you bet a significant amount.

These simple rules will definitely help you in the game, especially if you use the entire system of rules above.

10 Tips for Online Casinos: Which Are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

10 Tips for Online CasinosThere are literally thousands of online casinos. Some of them have managed to build a solid reputation through many years of fair dealing with customers. Others pop up overnight and go away just as rapidly … sometimes without fulfilling their obligations to players. Fortunately, online gaming is exceptionally well-regulated and the vast majority of online casinos are as reliable as bricks and mortar casinos. Still, it’s important to know how to sort the good, from the bad, from the very ugly when it comes to internet gambling. We give you 10 tips for sorting out which to play at and which to click far, far away from. 

Judge a Book By Its Cover! They say that first impressions form 80% of our opinion about anything – person, business, car, piece of clothing … or website. A website which is not secure or is dishonest will generally look a little different to other sites. Poor design, a website which is obviously made from a template, pages which are exceptionally slow to load, bad spelling, low resolution images of safety seals … all of these can indicate an untrustworthy online casino. 

Look for Fair Play Seals and Certificates There are quite a few online gambling regulatory agencies which issue ‘Safe and Fair’ certificates. eCOGRA is one of them; TST is another, iTech is another. Make sure you do background checks on whichever testing agency the online casino has used to verify the payout rates and randomness of their games. 

Do a News Search on Your Online Casino If an online casino you’re considering using has been involved in any high-profile shenanigans, it would have made the news. 

Do a Google Search with ‘Complaint’, ‘Scam’ and ‘Unfair’ However, if the shenanigans are a little more low-profile, you should get some results by Googling to see if people are listing the casino as a scam or making complaints. However, you’ll need to look past the first ten results. 

Call the Phone Support or Use Live Chat When you call the phone support or click on a Live Chat link, do you get a prompt answer? Do they speak English well? Are the staff able to fully help you? Do they give you their name? These are all trust markers. 

Who is the Software Provider? Most internet casinos are proud of their software provider. If it isn’t mentioned on their website, consider it a red flag. Most our casinos use the micro gaming platform which is the largest and most popular in the world. 

Join an Online Casino Forum There are several high profile and respected forums discussing online gambling issues. Join one and you’ll not only be able to see what people say about different casinos, but also be able to ask about any casinos for which it is difficult to find information. 

Look for Padlocks and a Https These security symbols tell you that your financial transactions made on the online casino website are safe from all the prying eyes wandering the internet! 

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities Online casinos can have very different rules to land-based casinos. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand how the rules work … and yes, this means reading that whole terms and conditions document! 

Check Online Casino Blacklists Some casinos may appear legitimate, but have deceptive terms and conditions, or customer service suddenly stops responding to players, or making up new rules as they go along, or ignoring third party attempts to resolve disputes. Check the blacklists and rogue casino lists at popular online gambling forums like Casinomeister to see if the casino you’re about to sign up with is listed.

Beginner tips for Blackjack

tips for BlackjackBlackjack is a card game between a dealer and a player. This game is very popular in new Australian casinos and not only. The object of the game is to accumulate cards with point totals as close to 21 without going over 21. Beginners may think that blackjack is complicated and requires a lot of time and money. This isn’t true; blackjack is an exciting game and a good player can easily beat the casino or the dealer. You should read our article about Rules and First steps to find out more about this. Here’s a list of basic tips you need to know when you play Blackjack, to increase your chances of winning: 

Tip 1: Start with practice mode 

If you are a beginner at Blackjack, play a practice mode until you feel confident enough and you understand fully the rules and game flow. 

Tip 2: Lose less 

Choose a table where the maximum bet is not higher than 5% of your bankroll so you’ll lose less. 

Tip 3: Get 21! 

Don’t try to copy or beat the dealer, the aim of Blackjack is to get 21 points, or as close as possible without exceeding 21. You need to understand the style of play of the dealer and overcome it. 

Tip 4: Increase and decrease 

Increase your betting amounts if you are winning and decrease them if you are losing. Take decisions rationally, and don’t be blinded by possible big winnings. Blackjack is a game of intuition and rigorous calculations. 

Tip 5: To split or not to split 

Split pairs of Aces and 8′s, but don’t split into any face cards or 10′s or 5′s. Always double down on eleven. 

Tip 6: Hit or stand 

If you have 12 thru 16 hit when the dealer’s upcard is 7 or higher and stand otherwise. In such situations, your chances of winnings are very low and you should face the facts. 

Tip 7: Learn the strategy 

Memorize the basic strategy, apply it and stick to it! Only after you mastered the basic strategy can Blackjack strategy you build up your own! And of course, play in a trusted casino. For example, reliable today is considered Dama N.V. casinos — more information about the operator can be found here

These tips are meant to improve your overall game, but sometimes they might not fit a particular situation. That is why it is important to trust your experience and instincts and use the information as a guide but not as a decision-maker. Your style of play and your own interpretation of the blackjack table will make you the winner!

Mobile Casinos for Aussies in 2021

Mobile Casinos for AussiesWithout a doubt, the invention of mobile casinos is considered a new stage of the gambling industry’s development. The gaming market is an area where the level of competitiveness is literally increasing with every single day, so relevant and modern decisions are actively sought-after. All people are searching for casino minium deposit 1$ for a mobile phone or app. Taking into account Australians are believed to be one of the most active nations in gaming activities across the globe, this offer is specifically interesting for them.

Value of the Offer

The reasons why there are more and more customers in Australia who choose mobile casino services are straightforward. It is like taking a pocketbook with you — whenever and wherever you are, you will always have access to favorite solutions to enjoy your leisure minutes.

The enhanced level of privacy and convenience is what makes this offer so adorable. All players need to do is just to log in to the most suitable mobile casino platforms in Australia and start another gaming round. You don’t have to think about how to get to offline pokies and what should be worn there.

Here are some more advantages of mobile casinos for interested Aussies:

  • Minimum deposits — the best platforms tend to offer more preferable entry conditions for Mobile Casinos for Aussies in 2021their target audience to attract more regular players.
  • Awesome payouts — the chances of winning and the return-to-player percentage are more beneficial for end-users.
  • Match bonus — since the main playing environment is your gadget, there are more bonuses that involve different activities with its use, apart from standard participating in various online tournaments. One of the greatest deals is a match bonus when the institution provides special deals which suit your investments.
  • 24/7 support — the industry is forever evolving, but the risk of failures, errors, and misunderstandings can’t be eliminated completely. That is where professional support from top-notch mobile casinos in Australia comes in handy.
  • No verification casino Australia — some casinos are not requested document before payouts

Editor’s Choice: Best Mobile Pokies Bonuses

Mobile CasinosTo stand out among dozens of traditional gambling options, mobile pokies usually prepare a valuable set of bonuses to make their customers’ experience even more thrilling and exciting. Welcome bonuses can complement recently registered users with up to 500% and a bigger match to their initial deposit. There are several mobile systems that offer cashback bonuses — it is a wonderful opportunity to return some of the lost funds.

Another benefit is a collection of deals that don’t require any charges at your end. In this case, you just need to follow particular requirements to achieve prosperous results. Take a look at what premium deals are presented for Australian gamblers by these pokies:

  • Raging Bull — the intuitive navigation through the site is second to none, but a huge choice of games to play is even more appealing. With over seven hundred activities, you will definitely find your soulmate one.
  • King Johnnie — by joining this club of gambling enthusiasts, you achieve access to two hundred “kash” spins and the welcome bonus in the amount of unbeatable six thousand dollars.
  • Kahuna — seventy-five free spins and four thousand Australian dollars are an absolutely adorable gift for newcomers. The system backups their players and provides all necessary tools to help them master varied kinds of games easy and fast.

It is recommended to stick to the most reliable platforms in the field that develop a loyalty program — using mobile gadgets for gambling there will give you special points that can be applied for pokies credits.

How to Get Started with Mobile Gaming Establishments

It doesn’t matter which operating system you prefer — you will be enabled to experience best Australian casinos for real money. From baccarat to craps, slots to roulettes, your only task is to make sure a stable internet connection is always there. Depending on the dealer, access to the particular pokies can be available via online domain, a separate application from iTunes or Google Store, or both.

The last but not least important thing to mention is that numerous platforms allow enthusiasts to discover their solutions with a free gameplay mode. Don’t miss this chance to get effortless entertainment!

How to Play the Best Online Pokies in Australia for Free

Nowadays, every Internet user in Australia has access to a wide variety of online pokies and find those that will bring the most positive emotions and enjoyment. Unlike land-based casinos, where you can play for real money only, online gambling platforms provide access to the best pokies for free.

About free pokies no download and their features

When a gambler visits the website of nearly any leading Australian online casino, s/he has the opportunity to play any pokie, card game, or roulette wheel in a free demo mode. You can try a lot of demo pokies here. At the same time, there is no even need to register, let alone top up the gambling account. In all other respects, such online pokies will operate exactly the same as if played for real money. That is bonus games, free spins, and other events provided by the game developers.

There are two ways to play free pokies open now:

  • use any browser on a PC, laptop, or mobile device and go to the site where there are free pokies no download. Then you just have to choose the one you like the most and run it in demo mode;
  • you can download and install a free pokies app on your smartphone, there are many such apps available. In this case, you will always have an excellent set of games to enjoy in your free time.

Why playing free pokies

It might seem that the free mode in Australian pokies can only be used for fun. However, this is not entirely true, because the algorithm of pokies behaves exactly the same both in the free mode and when betting for real money. So free pokies no download can result in actual benefits:

  • this mode is great for exploring new games, it is convenient to figure out the rules and features of the pokie;
  • seasoned Aussie gamblers know very well that a lot of spins are required to get a more or less clear idea of the pokie features. And the free play mode is perfect for this purpose;
  • free games on online pokies help you develop and test your strategy, which can bring winnings when playing for money;
  • finally, this is a really great way to have a good time and fun.

Many gamblers often use the free pokie mode to take a break from gambling. Such transition enables you to take a pause and relieve stress. So the free mode is very useful indeed.

The best free pokies no download in Australia

It is very easy to keep any statistics online, so the leading Australian online casinos regularly publish ratings of pokies that are the most popular with gamblers. As to the free pokies no download, it is worth mentioning the following pokies:

  • Wolf Gold;
  • Great Rhino Megaways;
  • Aztec Bonanza;
  • Dragons Luck;
  • Mega Masks;
  • Crusader;
  • Multifly;
  • Wilderland;
  • Gonzo’s Quest Megaways;
  • Release the Kraken.

These are the top ten for January 2021 only. There are many good free pokies no download available now, besides. Apart from pokies, there are free card games and roulettes that will guarantee a lot of fun. So every player, either new or seasoned, can easily choose such a pokie that will bring lots of fun and positive emotions even if played in free mode.


The Best Pokies with Bonus Games

Bonus games are an important part of the slot machine features that makes the gameplay more dynamic and exciting. Almost all leading online casinos provide access to free slot games with bonus features for fun that can be played even without signup. Of course, it is much more interesting to play for real money, and you can increase your bankroll quite well through bonus games.

Based on the gamblers’ estimates and statistics on online gaming platforms, we can identify some of the most popular slot machines with bonus games.

Book Of Ra

This is a mega-popular slot with great bonus features. The game is dedicated to Indiana Jones, a famous adventurer, and his quest to find the mysterious Book. The main screen features events unfolding in the colorful design of oases, pyramids, and ancient pharaohs. The bonus game starts after several Magic Book symbols appear on the reels. Then, the free spins mode is launched, and here you can win a decent prize.

Crazy Monkey

Another striking example of slot machines with bonus games has been well-known all over the world for more than one year now. The funny monkey is fond of bananas, and tokens bring a sound jackpot. The bonus game is featured in a very interesting way:

  • the bonus mode is launched when three special tokens appear;
  • the screen features several ropes, and a player is suggested to pull them;
  • the player has three attempts;
  • if the pick is successful, a bunch of bananas falls from above and brings a nice amount of credits;
  • but there is a danger to pick a rope that will drop a brick — then the bonus game will end.

Golden Mine

One of the most popular slots with bonus games that enables gamblers to enjoy the game and get a good win. There is the option to double the money won in the spin — a classic risk game where the player has to pick a card with a higher value than the dealer’s card. The bonus game features a progressive jackpot, which may bring a sound profit if the player is lucky.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

The Lucky Lady is capable of giving gamblers vivid emotions, as well as a nice cash prize. A colorful sample of slot machines with bonus games fascinates from the very first minute. The symbols on the reels — rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, and others — hint that the luck may be very close. The slot provides an opportunity to double the winnings in the risk game, and free spins are offered in a special mode. The main prize will be available to those who manage to open the full-screen portrait of Lucky Lady in the bonus game.


A colorful slot machine with a bonus game that is featured in a rather uncommon way. It looks like a quite simple five-reel slot. However, the main character of the game, a little frog, can gradually overcome these reels bringing the gambler closer to the super game. When the frog reaches the fifth row, a new screen will open where the gambler needs to cross the swamp leaping through 25 leaves. The main challenge is that a horrible crocodile, an enemy, can be hiding under any leaf -. If the player manages to avoid getting caught by it and reach another side, then the super prize is his.

These are just a few examples of lots and lots of slot machines with bonus games that can be found in online casinos these days. If you are still not ready to risk real money, free slot games with bonus features for fun are the perfect option to enjoy your time. Furthermore, the free mode enables you to explore the capabilities and features of slot machines better and find the one that you like the most.

Many Thanks to Yana from Team for consulting.

How to play online casino roulette?

rouletteA lot of beginners want to enjoy playing something simple and they want to know how to play roulette in a casino. Roulette is a simple game where you use a rotating disk with pockets and a ball to guess where it will fall. Known as one of the classics in gambling, it is the perfect play for first-time casino visitors to choose from.

Although the basic rules are simple, there is a wide variety of betting places and betting methods, so it has the characteristic that you can enjoy it in a completely different way depending on the method of plays.

Typical tools in use

  • Wheel: A turntable with numbers written on it. There are two main types of numbers.
  • Ball: the croupier throws it into the wheel.
  • Tip: Use two types of tips: the main color tip and the check with the denomination written on it.
  • Marker: A marker that indicates the number that was hit. Various designs depend on the casino.
  • Layout: The place to put the chip is written. Various playable lines allow gamblers to put chips on fields with various payout rates.

Roulette rules

To learn how to play roulette at a casino you just need to know the rules. Roulette is gambling that hits the «falling point of a ball thrown into a rotating disk», and is also known as the «queen of casinos «because it is the main game that symbolizes gambling.

It is very simple as a croupier jusy throws a ball into the wheel divided into 37 or 38 and the player bet on them.

The Game Process in Steps

  • Bet stakes;
  • Croupier throws balls;
  • Players watch over where it falls;
  • The ball enters the number;
  • The outcome of the game and payouts.

Roulette type

The disk has evenly divided pockets marked with numbers. The pockets are colored red or black and 0 is green.

Thanks for the information provided to the reputable Australian site you can also find there only the top online casinos in Australia, as well as the best online casinos with «Netent»